Application Process

CRC applicants, click here for resources and upcoming events to support you during the supplemental phase.

Where are we with the Citizens Redistricting Commission application process?

Monday, August 19, 2019 concluded the initial application period for people to apply to be on the Citizens Redistricting Commission (CRC). A total of 20,727 individuals submitted their application.

This is a great accomplishment, especially for our partners and other community organizations that engaged and mobilized California residents to apply.

The significance of this accomplishment is even greater when you consider the unforeseen challenge of securing applicants for this redistricting cycle. In contrast to the previous cycle, the California State Auditor’s office moved the initial application period up by 6 months (June instead of December), leaving most community organizations with as little as one month notice to inform and educate the public about the opportunity to apply.

As a result, the current applicant pool is smaller than the pool ten years ago, which included approximately 30,000 applicants, and is not fully representative of California.

Underrepresentation of Latinx, API, American Indian/Alaska Native, and women is sharply evident:

  • Latinx are 39% of California’s population, but only 16% of the CRC applicants
  • API are 16% of California’s population, but only 7% of the CRC applicants
  • Women make up over 50% of California’s population, but only 44% of CRC applicants
  • American Indian/Alaska Native are 2% of California’s population, but only 1% of the CRC applicants

Now, more than ever, it will be critical that the Applicant Review Panel, appointed by the State Auditor’s office, ensure that the final pool of the 60 most qualified applicants is representative of California’s diversity.

The next step of the CRC application process is the Supplemental Phase.

Qualified applicants will be invited to participate in this phase, consisting of essay questions and gathering letters of recommendations.

Applicants will have from August 21st through September 20th to submit their supplemental application.

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