Supplemental Application

Supplemental Phase Webinar with CA Common Cause (8/29)

Supplemental Phase Webinar PowerPoint Presentation

CRC Supplemental Application Best Practices with Asian Americans Advancing Justice-Asian Law Caucus (9/4)

Annotation 2019-09-11 172752

CRC Supplemental Application Best Practices with CA League of Conservation Voters Education Fund (9/7)

CRC Supplemental Phase Webinar with Asian Americans Advancing Justice-LA (9/11)

Annotation 2019-09-30 095025

CRC Supplemental Phase Webinar with the CA League of Women Voters Education Fund (9/18)

  • Guidance for CRC Supplemental Application Phase by Asian Americans Advancing Justice-CA
  • Samples of essay questions and letters of recommendation from current Redistricting Commissioners

Initial Application

Conversation with Commissioner Parvenu

CA State Auditor Partnership Event Presentation

Join a webinar to hear from Common Cause and current Redistricting Commissioners about serving on the commission

Webinar Graphic Commissioners Dai and Ontai

  • Apply to serve on CRC by August 9, 2019!

General Resources

  • California State Auditor’s CRC Page
  • Commissioner Selection Process
  • Materiales del Colaborativo
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